Amateur Radio Station
WW - locator:   JO32DB
QSL info

Name and address:   Chris Ploeger
                                  Mokkinkdijk 1
                                  7255 LM  Hengelo-Gld
                                  The Netherlands

WW-locator:             JO32DB (75HA)

QSL region:               R06

QSL Policy:               I always send 100% QSL.
you send your QSL with S.A.S.E and  2 Euro or  2 Dollar:
                                 I send QSL direct to you.

                                 When you send your QSL without returnpostage or via the bureau:
                                 I send your card via the bureau.

                                 About two months after a DX-pedition I send all QSL's:
                                 Direct or via the bureau.

                                 I am not using "eQSL"

E-mail:                     post "at"

Phonenumber:         +31 (0)575 463113