Amateur Radio Station
WW - locator:   JO32DB

After living in the city of Arnhem for over 20 years we moved in 2007 to the
pressent QTH in Hengelo - Gelderland. As we have 10,000 m2 of ground I do
have space to build up antenna-systems. 

On the moment I am QRV on:

50 MHz: 7el. yagi, 10.8 dBd and FT847
and a GS35 PA.

70 MHz: 7el. yagi, 10.8 dBd and FT847
with 50W.

144 MHz: 4 x 28el. X-pol. yagi's, 20.9 dBd
FT1000 and TR144H transverter. PA is a

432 Mhz: 35el. yagi, 18.6 dBd and FT847
and SSPA.

1296 MHz: 44el. yagi, 18.3 dBd and FT847
with transverter. 120 W. SSPA