Amateur Radio Station
WW - locator:   JO32DB

  3  Band EME  DXpedition to Anguilla Island




     Important operation notes:

* We expect to have moonrise at about 15 degrees of elevation !
This was a choice because the house is partly in front of our antenna if we will keep coax short. Short coax gives us the possibility to operate both 2mtr. and 23cm. at the same time.  All the VK, JA and ZL stations can be worked only during moonset from VP2 anyway, so no problem for them and our moonset is very good overlooking the ocean.
* When we finish the setup fast on 11/4, we might become QRV that day on 2mtr.
* Operation on 22/4 depends on activity, we don't expect to be on that day.
* 23cm. operation after 3 moon passes on this band depends also on activity.

Moonrise/moonset timetable in UTC:

Day:              Date:  MR UTC:  Date:  MS UTC:  Planned band:
Thursday       11/4     15:30       12/4     04:15      Possible 144
Friday            12/4     16:30       13/4     05:15      144
Saturday       13/4      17:30       14/4     06:00      144  and  1296
Sunday          14/4      18:30      15/4     07:00       144  and  1296
Monday         15/4      19:30       16/4    07:45       432
Tuesday        16/4      20:30       17/4    08:30       144  and  1296
Wednesday   17/4     21:30       18/4    09:15       144  and  1296 ?
Thursday       18/4      22:30       19/4    10:00       144  and  1296 ?
Friday            19/4      23:30       20/4    10:45       144  and  1296 ?
Sunday          21/4      00:30       21/4    11:30       432
Monday         22/4      01:30       22/4     12:15      144 ?

Please look on:    for lastest updates, we might not be QRV full moon passes all the time !

We hope to work you !

Vy 73's,   Jos, PA3FYC  and Chris, PA2CHR

 Date's:  April 12 - 21, 2019          QTH:   FK88MG

  Call:  VP2EMB

After months of preparations we found a good QTH on Anguilla and we just received the licence.

The station is basicly the same as we used last year in Guatemala:

144 MHz: FT857 / 2 x 20el. X-pol. ant. and about 800 watt's output.
432 MHz: FT857 /  27el.hor. and 23el. vert. X-pol. ant. and about 400 watt's output.
1296 MHz: FT857 with Kuhne transverter / 67el. yagi and about 150 watt's output.

We will listen on our own echo on 70 and 23cm.

Latest info in on:
Our online log is on the QRZ page:  VP2EMB

For 70cm. I build a new portable antenna designed by DK7ZB.
Last year I did first tests with a long X-pol. antenna for 70cm. and during the past months I finished this with good resluts now.
The horizontal part has 27el. and the vertical part has 23el.
A test with receiving HB9Q  ( tx-ing circulair ) during several hours produced good signals up to -9 dB.
If, for some reason, the X-pol. will not work as expected we can take out the vertical elements and switch polarization by hand.

The transceivers and 23cm. transverter are GPS locked on 10 MHz. 

The total weight of our luggage is over 180 kg. wich means a lot of 'overweight'.
We have a direct flight to St. Maarten by KLM and then take the ferryboat to Anguilla. The ferry can not transport cars....... so we have to carry all our luggage by hand on and off the ferry.

If you like you can make a donation via PayPal to make trips like this possible to:
Please don't forget to mention your call !
All sponsors will receive the QSL direct.

QSL info: via PA3FYC