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WW - locator:   JO32DB

                                                    3  Band EME  DXpedition to Guatemala




Thanks to our sponsors so far:  G4DDK / Kabel Kusch / IK1UWL / ........

We hope to work you !

Vy 73's,   Jos, PA3FYC  and Chris, PA2CHR

                         Date's:  February 23  until March 3,  2018               QTH:   EK44SB

For sure this is our biggest challenge in DXpedition history !
We received the two special callsign's from the Guatemala officials for this event:  TD9CHR  and TD9FYC

144 MHz: FT857, 2 x 20el. X-pol. homemade and SSPA                        1296 MHz: FT857 + Kuhne transv. 67el. and SSPA

For 70cm. I build a new portable antenna designed by DG7YBN.
My idea was to have a long X-pol. antenna. First I made the 
'horizontal part' and did a lot of receiving test's with good results.
But, when adding the vertical elements to the boom, I found out that
the receiving performance of the horizontal part was about
3 dB down. I was running out of time to do more test's but will
continue during summer.

This 30el. yagi is working very fine and we will do polarization control by hand....

432 MHz: FT857,  30el. and SSPA

All equipment is checked over and over, some improvements are made by using better low loss coax, new preamps, mounting the
preamps and PA's closer to the antenna to reduce cable losses, etc.....
The transceivers and 23cm. transverter are GPS locked on 10 MHz.  We will listen on our own echo on 70 and 23cm !

The total weight of our luggage is over 180 kg. wich means a lot of 'overweight'.
Yes, this is also the most expensive DXpedition we ever did, but we hope for some support.

For the first time ever we will operate on 3 different frequencies:

Our QTH is south of Guatemala city in the countryside, hopefully a place without too much QRM.
We do have bandpass filters with us if neccesary.

If you like you can make a donation via PayPal to make trips like this possible to:
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